Are Experiences Per Mile Different for Electric Vehicle Owners?

For consumers today, buying an EV looks very different than a traditional vehicle purchase. There is more research, training and contemplation – while the lifecycle of ownership also has several added aspects to consider. The report shows ‘consumer personas’ developed to illustrate the impact EVs have on varying consumer profiles. It explores how collaborative, consumer-centric innovation is critical to promoting better experiences.

The new EPM Advisory Council Electric Vehicle Experiences report summarizes that Experiences Per Mile are indeed different for EV owners compared to ICE owners, requiring new considerations, industry collaboration and EV-centric design to support consumers as they make the transition to electric vehicles. As consumer preference changes, so will their experiences. As vehicle powertrains are shifting, so is the connected world, colliding to create new opportunities and hyper-individualized experiences that solve for real consumer needs. It is no longer a question of if, but when, will the mass adoption of EVs effect your business.