From RPM to “EPM”

The Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council was formed to encourage collaboration among an exclusive group of automotive executives, analysts and industry insiders regarding the changing value chains in automotive being driven by the connected movement. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to uncover best practices and foster cross-industry innovation to define and improve the in-vehicle experience for consumers.

Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council Meeting

The Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council participants are “C” level executives from OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, third-party providers, and more. This council is an exclusive, “invitation only” group where creativity is encouraged, and an open dialogue will take place.

EPM Industrial Meeting

Active discussions center on how intelligent technology and recent consumer trends are reshaping the experience inside the vehicle, and what this will mean for automakers and consumers alike. Experiences Per Mile positioning and measurement are also discussed. The group may form industrywide processes related to the value of the in-vehicle experience for consumers as it relates to automotive OEMs, Suppliers, Shared Mobility Companies, Technology Providers, Telecommunications providers, Government Regulators, and other relevant stakeholders.

Why Experience Per Mile

Automotive and non-automotive companies have an urgent need to offer the optimum connected vehicle experiences to their ever-changing base of customers. Consumers are demanding personalized experiences and the industry must meet those needs. The most forward-thinking industry members must get involved now to make significant changes.

How Experience Per Miles Works

Council members serve as active participants in conversations that directly impact the direction of our industry. The commitment is:

  • Attend quarterly council meetings (in person and virtually)
  • Actively participate in the discussions during each meeting
  • Participate in ongoing communication between each event