How is connectivity driving the EV consumer experience?

Improving the in-vehicle experience for electric vehicles

This episode features Manish Mehrotra, Executive Director of Digital Business Planning & Connected Operations at Hyundai Motor North America. Manish chats with guest host, Jeffrey Hannah, Chief Commercial Officer at SBD Automotive, about the in-vehicle experience for EVs.

Key Takeaways:

[1:48]: Manish describes his role at HMNA

[2:35]: Manish tells Jeff about key initiatives he is working on

[4:44]: Manish explains what Experiences Per Mile means to him

[7:15]: How the in-vehicle experience differs for EV versus traditional ICE vehicles

[10:36]: How connectivity can help break the barrier to EV adoption

[14:05]: What should be standardized with connectivity and what should be differentiated
between automakers

[16:53]: Information about the IONIQ 5, Hyundai’s new all-electric SUV

[20:25]: Manish’s vision for the future of in-vehicle experience for EVs

[24:31]: Different types of partnerships Manish expects to see in the industry moving forward


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Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council


“We are committed to the future of mobility with smart, clean, connected, and innovative technologies and integrated solutions designed to be sustainable from the ground up.” -Manish Mehrotra, Hyundai Motor North America

EPM is the future and it’ll judge how each OEM differentiates the experience inside and outside the car.
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The OEMs that recognize that the customer experience and convenience is paramount will eventually differentiate themselves.
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Accessible education is important for first-time EV owners to fully understand the experiences their vehicle can deliver. #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #EV #electricvehicles