Podcast: How is enterprise software accelerating Experiences Per Mile?

Unlocking a winning consumer experience with CRM software solutions

Jeffrey Hannah

This special episode of the Experiences Per Mile podcast is guest hosted by Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive and co-facilitator of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council.

Jeff is joined by Bill Newman, Chief Industry Executive Advisor at SAP and fellow member of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council. Bill is a seasoned executive across many manufacturing domains and professional services with over 30 years of experience in strategy, planning, and business transformation. During the discussion, Bill shares how CRM software solutions can unlock a winning automotive consumer experience.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] Bill explains what Experiences Per Mile means to him

[3:10] Why SAP decided to join the EPM Advisory Council

[3:51] How SAP has embraced the notion of the experience economy

[5:28] Bill talks about his role at SAP

[8:34] Bill shares recent changes he has noticed in the market

[9:55] Why the emotional response in a driver’s experience is the most powerful

[11:58] How acquisitions due to COVID-19 will affect the consumer experience

[13:44] How the SAP business model fits into the CASE approach

[14:56] The opportunity for vehicle data monetization

[17:33] How SAP is ensuring consumer data remains private and safe

[19:40] Global Data Protection Rights (GDPR) for the vehicle

[22:39] SAP can help companies determine how to start digitizing and modernizing operations


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